We’ve identified five issue areas we must address to ensure Portland’s future is an equitable city where prosperity can be shared by all. Now more than ever businesses must play a role in defending our country's most fundamental values.

Focus Areas

1. Housing stability and affordability. Addressing the housing and homelessness crisis is essential to the future success of our city and businesses. 

2. Workforce inclusion. We must make progress towards building and measuring a diverse workforce.  

3. Shared prosperity. We will leverage the strength of established businesses to help entrepreneurs cultivate success and create more opportunity for more diverse business leaders.  While we cannot erase the inequities that were created by historic economic development strategies, we can be a part of developing and implementing strategies that are inclusive of and beneficial to Portland's diverse communities.

4. Safe transportation options. It is time to put an end to the disturbing increase in traffic deaths, which disproportionately occur in neighborhoods with larger minority and low-income populations. We must achieve Vision Zero and ensure that every Portlander has access to safe, walkable and bikeable streets.

5. Collaboration with elected officials. Portland's business community can get more done by constructive engagement with our representatives. The complex challenges our city faces call for a new approach to policy engagement that is collaborative and advances the outcomes that will benefit not only our businesses, but the community as a whole.


In 2017, we will continue to issue our results-driven Calls to Action that provide business leaders with an efficient way to engage in our city’s most pressing issues. Now more than ever, businesses must play a role in defending our country's most fundamental values. 

We will also launch an event series that will provide members the opportunity to learn about our priority issues from some of the city’s most innovative change-makers and to identify how the business community can make an impact.

And by moving from an all-volunteer led organization to one supported by advocacy and communications professionals, we will organize powerful business voices to engage with our elected officials and to tap into the city’s rich network of community leaders.