Monthly Calls-to-Action

Business For A Better Portland issues a call-to-action each month, bringing the business community together with non-profits and government to create a more equitable and prosperous city.


September: Mat Ellis

CEO of Cloudability

Helping our Homeless Neighbors

Our September post is by Mat Ellis, Cloudability CEO and BBPDX member. Mat talks about the value of taking time to truly listen to the community. Together, we partnered with Street Roots, the award-winning newspaper that advocates for the homeless, to hear directly from their community about the most meaningful ways we can offer support. 


August: Stephen Green

City Manager at Townsquared

Support Portland's Black Founders

Our August post is by Stephen Green, City Manager of Townsquared, BBPDX member, and founder of PitchBlack. Stephen describes the opportunity for local businesses to support the city's up and coming black entrepreneurs.  


2017 Calls to Action


Our July post is by Jim Brunberg, Founder and Owner of Mississippi Studios, Revolution Hall, and Roam Schooled. Jim describes how "lone wolf" business owners like him are stronger together through organizations like ours. 


Our June post is by Kristen Connor, Senior Vice President and Community Impact Officer at Heritage Bank. Kristen describes how business owners play a critical role in shaping policy and connects their work back to the community. 


    Creating a Stable State Budget

    Business for a better Portland

    In May, Business For A Better Portland asked its members for input on the current budget dilemma in Salem.


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