Our History



Launched in 2016, Business for a Better Portland is a new kind of business organization whose members believe that the health and prosperity of businesses depends on the health and prosperity of its citizens.


In late 2015 we organized to help preserve the stories of the Vanport flood. It was an opportunity to involve the local business community and raise awareness, yet we needed an efficient method to communicate and rally around the issue. This call-to-action contributed in part to helping Vanport Mosaic raise over $8,000. 

This event sparked a promising formula for success and engagement: businesses collaborating with community leaders and organizers to leverage technology and support the vision of Portland's future we all wish to see. 

We announced a volunteer-led organization called Portland Independent Chamber of Commerce (PICOC) and a monthly call-to-action model, which helped us raise money and mobilize support for a number of causes and projects.

In 2017, our next iteration, Business for a Better Portland, was born.

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