Harbor of Hope Announcement: Statement from Business for a Better Portland

"We commend the leaders who are taking action to care for our homeless neighbors. The types of short-term solutions that Harbor of Hope announced today are essential and humane, and a recognition that homelessness is a challenge that affects all of us. Action is required from the entire community to address this crisis.

"And as we work together to give people a safe place to call home, we must continue to focus, as business owners and community members, on the policies that create homelessness in the first place. We know how to address this crisis: by enacting tenant protections to protect families from eviction, addressing growing income inequality, and adequately funding affordable housing. But we need to come together in support of solutions that work.

"We must work together toward the goal of ensuring that every one of our neighbors has a safe place to call home."

Ashley Henry, Chief Collaboration Officer
Business For A Better Portland