Call To Action: Support Portland's Underrepresented Business Owners

Call To Action: Support Portland’s Underrepresented Business Owners

Right now, Portland’s City Council is hearing from a wide array of interest groups about what should be prioritized in our city’s next annual budget. BBPDX has taken the first step in writing a letter that outlines the importance of ensuring that underrepresented businesses in Portland receive the support they need to access economic opportunities. The deadline for companies to sign on to our letter is 10 AM on Friday, April 27th. Please click here read our support letter now. 

Adding to the urgency of this Call To Action is Mayor Wheeler’s recent announcement of a possible increase in the Business License Tax (BLT). Mayor Wheeler is proposing an increase from the current 2.2% to 2.6% (of net income). Coupled with the rate increase, he would like to increase the Owner’s Compensation Deduction from $103,000 to $125,000.  These changes would result in an estimated $15.3 million in additional revenues. He is proposing to use this additional revenue for programs such as the small business programs referenced in this Call To Action."
BBPDX is asking for feedback from their members to inform our conversations with the Mayor and City Council members during budget deliberations over the next few weeks. The deadline to complete the survey is noon on Wednesday, May 2nd. 

Please click here to fill out our member survey on the proposed Business License Tax increase.