Member Interview: Bamboo Sushi

As Portland grows and evolves, businesses have a huge opportunity to shape the future for the benefit of everyone.
— Kristofor Lofgren, Bamboo Sushi

This month we'd like to introduce you to Kristofor Lofgren, the Founder and CEO of BBPDX member company Bamboo Sushi. 

More than just a delicious restaurant, our friends at Bamboo Sushi share our vision to ensure that affordable housing and public transportation are available to all. 

We'd also like to send them a special thank you for generously donating appetizers and cocktails for our upcoming  members-only 2nd Annual Summer Social on July 10th! 

Read on for Kristofor's interview. 


what is your company's Elevator Pitch?

"Sustainable Restaurant Group is building brands rooted in conscious hospitality; using the power of business for positive environmental and social impact. Our flagship brand, Bamboo Sushi, is the world's first certified sustainable sushi restaurant, and is setting the standard for sustainable sourcing from our oceans. As we grow, we seek to inspire change... change in the way people eat, change in the way restaurants do business, and change in the way we treat our environment."

Why did you join BBPDX? 

 "We're always seeking out new partners and allies that share our values and who believe that lasting change is within reach. Within the BBPDX community, we see a group of people who are dedicated to having a positive impact on this city. There is so much value in learning from each other - the perspectives of other industries are extremely important in the creative process; constantly improving upon what's been done in the past with fresh ideas and strategy is so important. Being a member of BBPDX gives us support and gives us a clear path forward with tangible next steps and calls to action."

which of bbpdx's focus areas are most important to you and your company: transportation, affordable housing or equitable access to capital?

"I've always felt that the wellness of our employees is as important as our mission of sustainability.  As a company we're drawn to those areas of focus that enable our teams to thrive with strong benefits, a fair wage and high quality of life. This includes things like affordable housing opportunities and extensive public transportation options."

What is your vision for how Portland can be “better”? 

"Portland has a unique opportunity to be a leader in social and environmental issues across America. Given that our city is young and entrepreneurial in spirit, if the people of Portland focus on a collective vision that helps everyone get ahead, we can avoid some of the mistakes that other growing cities made."

- Kristofor

CEO, Bamboo Sushi