Member Interview: Ruby Receptionists

As a member, we feel we’re in good company with other businesses that are using their influence to positively impact the health and wellness of our community.
— Stephanie Weber, COO Ruby Receptionists

This month we're excited to introduce you to Stephanie Copeland Weber, the COO of BBPDX member company Ruby Receptionists.

First founded in Portland in 2003, Ruby has built a national reputation for providing stellar virtual assistant services to small business across the country. 

Ruby shares our vision of ensuring Portland remains an affordable place to live, while also improving transportation effectiveness and reducing traffic. 

 Read on to hear from Stephanie. 


What is your company's elevator pitch? 

"Ruby Receptionists provides personalized, live, remote receptionist services to thousands of small businesses across North America. Ruby’s innovative software and robust mobile app, paired with charming receptionists, provide a platform by which small businesses can create exceptional customer experiences to improve brand reputation, win new business, and build customer loyalty. Founded by CEO Jill Nelson, Ruby has been giving small businesses a competitive edge since 2003."

Why did you join BBPDX?

"BBPDX seems to be taking a fresh approach in fostering the business-civic partnership to bring about meaningful change in Portland.  They demonstrate a spirit of innovation and learning, both of which are fundamentally aligned with Ruby’s core values.  We were impressed with what they were able to accomplish last year for PitchBlack and Street Roots, among other organizations.  As a member, we feel we’re in good company with other businesses that are using their influence to positively impact the health and wellness of our community."

Which one of BBPDX's focus areas are most important to you and your company: transportation, affordable housing, equitable access to capital, or community building? 

"At Ruby, we want to ensure that all of our employees, including our hourly Rubys, can afford good housing and a high quality of life while still living in reasonable proximity to our downtown and Pearl offices.  As the rise in housing costs is outpacing income growth in our city, affordable housing is at the top of our list.   Public transportation and improved infrastructure to reduce traffic are a close second as our employees are enduring longer commute times, allowing them less time to be with their families or enjoy some work/life balance.  Ensuring “swellness” (Ruby’s version of wellness) for our employees is a top priority for us and is impacted dramatically by both of these issues."

What is your vision for how Portland can be "better"? 

"Portland has the opportunity to lead the way of progressive and forward-thinking cities.  By bringing together a powerful force of creative minds, we can solve problems that trouble residents and businesses alike, and make Portland an even greater city of the future."

- Stephanie

COO, Ruby Receptionists