Getting together for collective success: B2B workgroups

It’s a powerful thing when values-aligned businesses get together. We see it in action at every BBPDX event, and this year we’re getting intentional about facilitating and empowering business-to-business connections within our membership. This year, BBPDX is convening business-to-business member workgroups with the sole focus of making these powerful connections and helping our member companies thrive. With two under our belt in 2019 (February and May) we’re looking forward to a third coming up in September.

Just like BBPDX is innovating new forms of civic engagement. we are also working to reinvent networking. Our B2B workgroups are facilitated by BBPDX member On Your Feet, which uses improv-related exercises to get participants engaging on a deeper level and taking exchanges beyond the usual cocktail hour trading of business cards.

As a result, members are walking away with true connections, clearing a pathway to potential referrals and collaboration. We’re excited about these events (check out some scenes from the February convening) and the way they leverage the creativity of our amazing members in new ways. Cheers to future B2B success!