BBPDX Members Influence City Council Decision To Support Portland's Bus System

We are thrilled to announce that with the support of Business for a Better Portland, the Portland Bureau of Transportation got the green light last week to move forward with plans to make bus service faster and more reliable across the city.
On June 20, the Portland City Council met to vote on whether to adopt the Enhanced Transit Corridors Plan, a strategy that will help free buses from traffic congestion, creating an opportunity to grow transit ridership, improve commute times, and reduce air pollution. In addition to submitting a written testimony in support of the plan that included signatures from more than 50 BBPDX members, BBPDX's Chief Collaboration Officer Ashley Henry testified in person ahead of the vote.

Following the testimony, City Council unanimously voted to adopted the ETC - a huge win for Portland's bus system! 

Read this letter from Portland Commissioner Dan Saltzman and PBOT Director Leah Treat thanking BBPDX for engaging on this critical topic
The decision for BBPDX to make a call to action in support of Enhanced Transit Corridors was made by the BBPDX Transportation Policy Workgroup in February that followed our January Transportation Policy Event
Be on the lookout for upcoming member engagement opportunities including a special member workgroup that will evaluate the proposed regional affordable housing bond.