Housing Forum Highlights Upcoming City Policy Choices

BBPDX is known for our signature mix of policy and enjoyment -- and our Oct. 3 Becoming Portland: Housing Policy Forum was no exception: a networking reception with provocative issue exhibits (including this research on how housing options affect affordability) was followed by an engaging program featuring a diversity of perspectives on the future of housing in Portland.

Congressman Blumenauer kicked off the evening by reminding the audience that BBPDX operates at "the cutting edge of important issues" and presented an outline of his recently released report “Locked out: Reversing Federal Housing Failures and Unlocking Opportunity.” Keynote speaker Ernest Brown of East Bay for Everyone acted as a harbinger of our potential future by relating the extreme housing crisis in Oakland to the policy decisions Portlanders face today. He summed up the need to allow more housing options in urban neighborhoods by saying: "It is not simply a housing crisis, but it is a housing shortage. And if you solve the shortage, you don't solve the whole crisis, but you also can't solve the crisis without solving the shortage."

Thanks to the close to 200 people in attendance! Stay tuned as our housing advocacy continues this fall.

A complete round-up of the event on Twitter can by found here.