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Business thrives when Portland thrives.

BBPDX makes a positive difference in the city we love by combining the strength of business advocacy with the power of technology and grassroots social change. Our goal is to ensure Portland is an equitable city where prosperity can be shared by all.


June 14, 2018 

Portland's Buses Need Our Help! 

If we're serious about growing our economy, reducing pollution, and creating economic opportunity for all, it's critical that we free the city's buses from traffic gridlock. Read or sign on to our testimony by 5pm on Monday, June 18. 

"We cannot wait for the next billion dollar light rail to fix this problem, and we needn’t. The problem is not funding; it’s political will. We must prioritize the bus over other less efficient modes of transportation."

“I’m excited by the energy, vision, and commitment Business for a Better Portland has shown. At this critical time in our history, local businesses must step forward to positively influence the direction of our community. A progressive coalition like BBPDX can truly make a difference in this effort.” 



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